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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Acronis True Image Home 2012

Acronis True Image Home 2012 build 6154 + ISO | 259 MB

For a split second you can lose all your photos, videos, e-mail, programs, critical files and shortcuts. However, thanks to Acronis ® True Image ™ Home 2012, you can quickly and easily recover every bit of data, and your entire system back to its original form. A lot of terrible things can happen to your computer, including accidental file deletion, virus infection and total hard drive failure. Availability solutions for a complete PC backup of critical importance. Better yet have a solution that is quick, efficient and extremely easy to use! That's why we created the Acronis ® True Image ™ Home 2012.

We offer you the best possible software for backup

Acronis offers xou a flexible, user-friendly tools for backing up your data regularly. Thus, if a disaster strikes, you can quickly return everything to normal. This decision not only restores all your data, but also due to backups complete disk imaging, can put all the components of the system exactly where they were before. This means that all files will be in place in their former locations. All the same applications and same operating system. The same icons and shortcuts. All your precious photos and video. All of your important work. All will be back to normal - as if nothing had happened.

Much more than just a backup utility

Acronis offers practical features and capabilities to significantly improve the convenience of your work, including synchronization of files between multiple computers, an optional subscription to the service cloud storage backup for added security, as well as complete flexibility to restore systems and data on different hardware.

The perfect image
Data recovery - this is only half the story. Return your system to a usable state - that's another story. All these downloaded programs or shortcuts to programs you've added over the years. All folders with e-mail, and contacts. Thanks to the patented technology for Acronis disk imaging and cloning PCs, each bit of information can be restored to its original shape in minutes - without having to reinstall any programs and applications. You can also use the Secure Zone to create a secure partition on the internal hard disk. Thus, you can quickly restore your system at any time, even if your operating system has failed.

Keep in sync!

If you have two or more PCs, and you want to keep them accurate copies of individual files and folders, it is now possible. This latest version of Acronis True Image Home includes a feature to synchronize files, which allows the replication of critical data between multiple computers, files or devices. Synchronize your files with friends, family or colleagues via the Internet. Or maintain synchronization with the local folders, including the USB-drives and external hard drives.

Always on schedule
With Acronis True Image Home is very easy to set and run the backup procedure on a schedule. Automated planning function offers a practical set of parameters to determine when to start the backup procedure, for example, when the machine is in standby mode, or just before turning on or off. The function set and forget ™ allows you to configure the backup only once, and then the system will operate according to preset your search.

Playing with danger
Now it's easier to avoid accidents before they happen. For example, if you want to try a new program, but are not sure that there are no viruses, the function of Try & Decide ® (Try and solve) allows you to do first "test drive" to see whether you want to save changes to the system or to completely abandon of these changes. Also, this feature can be very useful when you walk on a potentially dangerous Web sites.

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Download Link:
 * Setup :  Part1 || Part 2
* File: ISO

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